In Search of a Job...any job
by John Hulme [2010]
A photo exhibition on Burmese migrant workers in Thailand
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Our Stories, Our Challenges: The Search for JustPeace in Asia Today
Compiled and edited by Max Ediger, Rosabeth Birky Koehn and Alicia Temple [2009]
Asia has a long and rich history of living in community, solving conflicts and building peace. Traditional models of conflict transformation and peacemaking have been effectively practiced at the village and community levels throughout Asia for countless generations, and even though little has been written about these models, they have proven their worth through their own histories.. It is with this conviction that the stories of this book have been gathered together. These stories take a variety of form: narrative, essay, poem, song, personal reflection, visual art.
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Plunder of Land and Human Resources Under Globalization
by PJ Philip [2008]
The greed for unlimited wealth, glory and power, generated in human beings by capitalism is the evil of the present civilization. This should be replaced by the ethics of sharing and community, and an exalted vision of human creativity. Of course, art, philosophy and poetry have expressed them from time immemorial. But we need a new articulation of this in our every day production, distribution, exchange and governance. [34pp]

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The War on Terror: Reordering the World
by Ninan Koshy [2002]
This book analyses the significance of September 11 and the implications of the War on Terror. It gives special emphasis to the fact that the War on Terror is war in and on Asia with battlefields across the region, from West Asia to North East Asia and through Central, South and South East Asia. Militarisation and arms race are acquiring a new momentum in Asia. [177pp. $10]

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by Max Ediger [294pp. 2001]
Three residents of Bangkok's Soi 4 slum community, Nimit a young policeman, Ti a schoolgirl, and Tony a crippled American veteran are drawn together in a battle to save their homes from the developers. Tony lives with the nightmare of what he did as a soldier in Vietnam. It consumes him day and night. He finally returns to Asia and rents a small house in a Bangkok slum where he hopes to live the rest of his life anonymously and in silence. But the people of Soi 4 Community begin to befriend Tony even though he tries hard to resist. Through the persistence of these friends, Tony is slowly drawn into the community and its fight against looming eviction. These experiences help Tony realise that his nightmare comes from his own inability to forgive himself, and he finally finds the peace he has been searching for. More about this book: [Intro.] [Chapter 1]
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Taming Global Financial Flows
by Kavaljit Singh [2000]
This book argues that financial liberalisation has led to phasing out of regulatory mechanisms over the movement of huge sums involved in currency speculations, new financial products in offshore financial centers, secretive hedge funds and 'hot money' flows to emerging markets. The result is a degree of volatility in financial markets which threatens the orderly running of national economies.  This book explains and analyses the constantly changing and complex world of global financial flows and calls for radical reforms in a system that is now more susceptible to the whims of market sentiment than the economic policies of governments. The author indicates certain guiding principles in order to create a more stable international financial architecture and recommends a series of concrete measures. [237pp. $10]

A Citizen Guide to the Globalisation of Finance
by Kavaljit Singh (1999)
This guide provides a key to understanding the intricacies of the process of the globalisation of finance.  The main argument running through the guide is that global financial flows are no longer associated with the flows of real resources and long-term productive investments. Attracted by short-term speculative gains, these flows are highly liquid, and can leave the country as quickly as they came. The book argues for putting into place effective regulatory mechanisms and pleads for mass citizen action to implement these and exercise social control over global financial capital. [187pp. $10]
This book is also available in Indonesian, Korean, Hindi, Thai, Chinese and Filipino editions.

Challenging Globalisation
Solidarity and Search for Alternatives

Joint publication of Regional NGOs in Hong Kong with EZE and ICCO
ed. Jeanie Nacpil-Manipon and Cecibel Perez (1999)

Financial Crisis: Our Response
Joint publication by Regional NGOs in Hong Kong (1998)

Chronological review of DPRK-ROK dialogue and efforts for unification: 1945-1997
compiled by Lakshmi Daniel (1997)

1997: Hong Kong's Struggle for Selfhood
by Kwok Nai-wang (1996)
Written just a year before Hong Kong re-integration with China, this book provides good information and interpretation of Hong Kong's transition from being a British colony to being a Chinese Special Administrative Region. [127pp. $6] [Read this book].

Globalization and Third World Trade Unions
ed. Henk Thomas (1996)
This study is the outcome of a series of original investigations into the deep crisis in which the organised labour movement in the South finds itself.  This crisis is the result of several factors: changes in the global economy that have eroded trade union membership, structural adjustment policies that have reduced the capacity of the state to address inequality, and a decline in public acceptance of unions' effectiveness in protecting the interests of working people.  It concludes with an exploration of the very difficult issues around what possible strategies trade unions may pursue in future in order to protect the standards of living and general rights of employed workers in the South. [261pp. $10]

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Christianity and Modernization: a Chinese Debate
ed. Philip Wickeri and Lois Cole (1995)
This book contains papers presented by some of the Chinese participants at the consultation on "Christianity and Modernisation".  Written by teachers and academic researchers from social science academies and universities in Beijing, as well as a professor from Nanjing Union Theological Seminary, they reflect the variety of ways in which Christianity is being interpreted in China. [119pp. $6] [Read this book].

"Our trees and all the wildlife have gone"
Joint publication with EMW and other Regional NGOs
ed. Frank Kurschner-Pelkmann, Maureen Trott, Inken Wohlbrand (1995)

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economese for beginners
compiled by Jessica Reyes-Cantos (1994)
This fully illustrated mini-dictionary of economic terms is intended to help today's activists, leaders of people's organisations and social movements grapple with common economic terms. [52pp. $6] [Read this book]

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The Militarization of Politics and Society: Southeast Asian Experiences
by Mathews George Chunakara (1994)
This book provides an objective analysis of the militarisation of society and politics, examining civil-military relations in South-east Asian politics. It also scans factors contributing to the intensification of militarisation and how it leads to political repression and human rights violations. [116pp. $10] [Read this book].

Asian Rural Economy
CCA-URM Consultation Report (1993)

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"Once I had a dream..."
stories told by Korean women minjung

translated and edited by Marion Kennedy Kim (1992)
Awakened to subjective consciousness by various new cultural winds, women minjung have begun to speak out, to organise and to tell their own stories, "herstory", which is quite different in rhythm and resonance from previously recorded history. [107pp. $10] [Read this book].

Trade Unions and TNCs
Building Workers' Unity in the New 'Super States'

Consultation Report (1992)
The Korean Peasant Movement (from 1970's to 1980's)
by Nah Sang Ki (1990)
Agribusiness TNCs & Impact on the Rural Poor in Asia
CCA-URM Consultation Report (1987)
Agribusiness TNCs
Politics of Food in Asia

compiled by Victor Karunan (1987)
The International Solidarity Conference in the Cordillera
Conference Report published by CCA-URM/DAGA
Evolution of Labour Legislation in Asia
ed. John Garbutt (1986)
The Unfinished Song
Voices of the Filipino People
compiled by RDO-NCCP and DAGA (1986)
Agribusiness TNCs in Sri Lanka
compiled by E.C.P. Seniviratne (1986)

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