A Vietnamese Pilgrimage


Poem: The War is Winding Down
Poem: A Student's Prayer
Poem: Fire Consumes Our Village (by Thuan)


Story: So Shines the Sun


Drama: A Christmas Message from the Third World
Story: The Beginning
Poem: Mother Viet Nam


Poem: My Return (by Thuan)
Story: The Spirit of Soil
Poem: Peace


Poem: April 30, 1975
Story: Return of the Spirit of the Soil
Poem: The Rain (by Tieu)
Story: The Twelve Days of Christmas
Story: You Will Reap What You Sow
Poem: The Final Judgment
Poem: The Bird and the Storm
Poem: Like a Dream
Poem: The World Market


Poem: Your Dawn is Full
Poem: My Heart is Not to Be Imprisoned (by Hang)
Poem: I Was in the Woods
Poem: Show Me the Way to Peace (by Tieu)