Evolution of Labour Legislation in Asia

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MICHIKO HIROKI: A trade union activist in Japan for nearly a decade. Once a secretary of the SOHYO, Textile and Clothing Trade Union, during which tenure she was concerned with the women workers’ and the publicity and education. Presently she is a staff member of the Tokyo based Centre for Asian Women Workers’ Fellowship and is editor of their newsletter.

TABASUM GHAZANFAR: A lawyer by profession whose direct involvement with labor issues is fairly recent considering that until a couple of years ago she served as a judge. Her main field of interest relates to the powers and role of labor and superior courts in Pakistan in the evolution of labour legislations.

LEUNG PC LAM: A staff member of the Hongkong Christian Industrial Com­mittee engaged in labour and union education, dispute counselling and research in labour law.

FERDAUSUR RAHMAN: A staff member of the Consumer Association of Bangladesh. He has a research background and is actively involved in organising workers involved in the production and the distribution of consumer goods and durables.

JOSE PEPZ CUNANAN: A researcher for the Labour Assistance Bureau for Organisers and Researchers, Manila. He was concerned primarily with studies on the impact of transnational corporations on workers and Philippine Society in general.

Now (1986) he is on the staff of the Urban Rural Mission of the World Council of Churches.

BA1TY WEERAKOON: An activist in the labour movement of Sri Lanka from his student days. By profession a lawyer, he devotes a great deal of his time on the study of labour legislations. He has been the general secretary of a labour federation in Sri Lanka for the last ten years.

LOK KING CHOI: A free lance researcher based in Hongkong concerned with Asian Social issues.

AJIT ROY: A writer and editor living in Calcutta, he has written a number of books on economic and political developments in India and in the international sphere. He is the editor of “The Marxist Review

BIREN ROY: A prominent trade union leader in Calcutta, he is a member of the Working Committee of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) and a vice-president of its West Bengal branch. He is also on the editorial board of “The Marxist Review”.



title l contents l contributors l foreword l introduction l

chapter 1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l 5 l 6 l 7 l 8 l 9 l conclusion l