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    Table of Contents


    1.  What Is Militarisation?

    Militarism and Militarisation

    2. The Militarisation of Politics and Society

    The Traditional Role of the Military
    The Role of the Military and Civil-Military Relations in Developing Countries
    The Failure of Political Parties and Military Intervention
    Militarisation and Civilian Regimes
    Global Militarisation: Its Causes and Consequences
       (a) The Arms Race: A Catalyst of Militarisation 25
       (b) External Power Interventions
    Militarisation in the Developing Countries
    Militarisation and the `National Security' Doctrine
    Militarisation: Its Consequences
       (a) Repression and Human Rights Violations
       (b) Loss of Resources
       (c) Underdevelopment
       (d) Dependency

    3. Militarisation, Political Repression, and Human Rights Violations in Southeast Asia

    From Colonialism to Democracy
    The Collapse of Democracy and the Emergence of Authoritarianism
    Military Involvement in Southeast Asian Politics
    Factors Contributing to Militarisation in Southeast Asia
    The Role of External Powers
    Communist Insurgency
    Militarisation, Political Repression, and Human Rights Violations


Published December 1994

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