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Christianity and Modernization:
a Chinese Debate

Philip L. Wickeri & Lois Cole (eds)

Selected papers from
An International Academic Consultation
10-14 Octoberm 1994


Publisher’s Note
Lakshmi Daniel

Han Wenzao

Wu Yungui

  1. Introduction
    Gotthard Oblau, Philip L. Wickeri
  2. Opening Address
    Wu Yungui
  3. Welcome
    Han Wenzao
  4. Closing Address
    Zhuo Xinping
  5. Modernization’s Challenge to Chinese Christianity
    Chen Zemin
  6. Contextualiztion in the Contemporary Chinese Church
    Duan Qi
  7. The Attitude of Contemporary Chinese Intellectuals Towards Christianity
    Li Pingye
  8. Christianity from the Viewpoint of Young Christians: the Example of Shanghai
    Sun Li
  9. The Concept of Original Sin in the Cultural Encounter Between East and West
    Zhuo Xinping
  10. Participants and Paper Topics


Cover Artwork: "The Rosary" by Ding Fang, a Chinese Christian artist and participant at the consultation

Published May 1995

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