The Ecumenical Approach to Korean Peninsula
Based on historical documents




Park Kyung Seo



Table of Contents

The ecumenical movement has been concerned about the Korean situation and has made several efforts to promote peace and unification in the Korean peninsula. In recent years events have brought significant changes and renewed hopes that the aspiration of the people for reunification of Korea may not altogether be in vain. Such signs provide encouragement and impetus for the ecumenical movement to strengthen its commitment and calling to be reconciling forces in history.

In this book, Dr.Park Kyung Seo shares several valuable insights on ecumenical involvement for the reunification of Korea. Born in Korea in 1939 he witnessed and experienced firsthand the pain and agony of millions of his people since the Korean war and the division of his country. Kyung Seo majored in Sociology at the Seoul National University in 1962. After his military service he pursued his doctoral studies in Germany. He was Professor of Sociology before being appointed as Asia Secretary of the World Council of Church in 1982. He is based in Geneva, Switzerland.