Theology & Ideology
in Asia People's Struggle


edited by George Ninan

Christian Conference of Asia-Urban Rural Mission
Book No. 2




Introduction - George Ninan

  1. Theology and Ideology - Levi Oracion

  2. Urban Rural Mission of the Church - Vijaya Vidyasagara

  3. Asia as We See it - URM Study Group

  4. Development and Justice - URM Study Group

  5. People's Struggle and People's Movement - URM Study Group

  6. Conclusion



This is the second book published by CCA-URM on Theology and Ideology, though all publications deal with theological and ideological questions. The contents and arguments in this book are not to be taken as the official statements or position of CCA-URM. We have only tried to provide a platform for open and frank discussions on concerns arising from grass root involvements. There is an ongoing discussion in CCA-URM related groups on theology and ideology. We have tried to reflect such concerns and discussions in this book.

We record our thanks to all those who helped in one way or the other in the publication of this book.

April 4, 1985


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