URM Series 2


Hong Kong 1997


Kwok Nai Wang







Christian Conference of Asia
Urban Rural Mission


Published December 1991
Christian Conference of Asia
Urban Rural Mission
57 Peking Road, 5/F
Kowloon, Hong Kong

ISBN: 962-7250-07-4



I. Hong Kong

  1. The Hong Kong Experiment: "One Country Two Systems"

  2. The Future of Hong Kong

  3. Hong Kong: "Two Countries One Victim"

  4. Human Rights in Hong Kong

  5. The Post June 4 Wrangles Between China & Hong Kong

  6. Hong Kong: Realities and Prospects

  7. The Other Side of Hong Kong

  8. Whither the Hong Kong Experiment

  9. Democracy in Hong Kong

  10. Hong Kong Faces 1997: Recolonization or Decolonizaiton

II. The Church in Hong Kong

  1. Protestant Churches in Hong Kong: A Situation Report

  2. The Church in Hong Kong, Before and After 1991


About the Author

Kwok Nai Wang is the Director of the Hong Kong Christian Institute (HKCI) and the former General Secretary of the Hong Kong Christian Council (HKCC). He majored in philisophy at the University of Hong Kong and an a graduate of of the Divinity School at Yale University, Connecticut, U. S. A. He is an ordained minister in the Church of Christ in China, Hong Kong Council.

He is the author of "In Search of a Common Future for Hong Kong" and numerous articles that appear in different journals in Chinese and English. He is the editor of the "Reflection", a theological periodical, and three other boods published by his Institute.