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Di.143 - Dialogue: Non-violent Strategy for Democracy Movement in Burma
by Lian H. Sakhong [Nov.03]

Di.142 - The Philippine Model
by Stephen R. Shalom [Oct.03]

Di.141 - Is Islam Compatible with Democracy and Modernity?
by Asghar Ali Engineer [Sep.03]

Di.140 - Where are the Weapons of Mass Destruction?
by Alistair Millar [May.03]

Di.139 - War And Women
by Patricia Hynes [Mar.03]

Di.138 - Confronting Empire
by Arundhati Roy [Jan.03]

Di.137 - Human rights struggle reaches a crossroads
By Vitit Muntarbhorn [Dec.02]

Di.136 - Ecumenical Intolerance
by Cathy Young [Nov.02]

Di.135 - Values, not rituals are essence of religion
by Asghar Ali Engineer [Oct.02]

Di.134 - Making Big Corporations Accountable Should Be WSSD's Top Priority
by Martin Khor [Aug.02]

Di.133 - Greed Is Good
by Kevin Watkins [Jul.02]

Di.132 - Washington is Pushing India and Pakistan to the Brink of War
by Michel Chossudovsky [Jun.02]

Di.131 - Bush's Hit List At the United Nations
by Ian Williams [May.02]

Di.130 - * Making the World Safer for Globalization
by Ninan Koshy [Mar.02]

Di.129 - Alternatives to the Bankruptcy of Globalisation
by Vandana Shiva [Feb.02]

Di.128 - Economic debacle in Argentina: IMF strikes again
by Arthur MacEwan [Jan.02]

Di.127 - * HIV/AIDS Trends and Challenge in Asia
by Erlinda N. Senturias [Dec.01]

Di.126 - Strategy in Afghanistan
by Gohar & Kraybill [Nov.01]

Di.125 - Radical-Islam and the Imperialist Onslaught
by Kumar David [Oct.01]

Di.124 - How can the US bomb this tragic people? - Robert Fisk
We have to learn to listen to be free. - Sanitsuda Ekachai
The Challenge of Terror - John Paul Lederach [Sep.01]

Di.123 - Bush-Cheney Energy Plan Could Aggravate Ethnic Conflicts
by Abid Aslam and Jim Lobe [Aug.01]

Di.122 - * Christianity and the Environment
by David G. Hallman [Jul.01]

Di.121 - * Religion and Racism - A Critical Assessment from a Muslim Point of View
by Ahmad Syafii Maarif [Jun.01]

Di.120 - Trade and Hunger
by John Madeley [Apr.01]

Di.119 - * A New Language for Divinity: Critique of the Ideology of Market
by MP Joseph [Mar.01]

Di.118 - * Faith and Ideology: Asian Women's Experiences
by YONG Ting Jin [Feb.01]

Di.117 - * The Blasphemy Law in Pakistan and its Impact
by Naeem Shakir [Jan.01]

Di.116 - * Globalism NO, Internationalism YES!
by Apo Leung [Dec.00]

Di.115 - From Melbourne to Prague: the Struggle for a Deglobalized World
by Walden Belo [Dwc.00]

Di.114 - * Globalisation and Women
By Cecilia Ng [Nov.00]

Di.113 - * Globalisaton: Challenge to the People's Movement
by KIM Yong Bock [Oct.00]

Di.112 - * Micro-Credit: The Development Devastation for the Poor
by Farida Akhter [Sep.00]

Di.111 - * Jubilee: A Dream or a Reality? A Hong Kong Chinese Woman's Perspective
by Rose Wu [Swp.00]

Di.110 - Trade in Human Misery
by Jeremy Seabrook [Aug.00]

Di.109 - * Rights of Internally Displaced People and the Relevance of Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement
by Mathews George Chunakara [Jul.00]

Di.108 - * Religion and Violence -an Indonesian case
by J.B. Banawiratma [Jul.00]

Di.107 - Don't Strengthen the WTO by Admiting China
by Sarah Anderson, John Cavanagh, and Bama Athreya [Jun.00]

Di.106 - Dangerous Liaisons: Progressives, the Right, and the Anti-China Trade Campaign
by Walden Bello and Anuradha Mitta [Jun.00]

Di.105 - Southern and Northern Jubilee Campaigns: Some Comparisons
by Thea Ormerod [May.00]

Di.104 - * Responding to Globalization and Debt from a Religious Perspective
by J.B. Banawiratma S.J. [Apr.00]

Di.103 - United States - Indian Citizens' Declaration for a New Solidarity [Mar.00]

Di.102 - The Real Enemy is the WTO, Not China
by Anuradha Mittal and Peter Rosset [Mar.00]

Di.101 - * Post-Crisis Agenda for Korea and Global Civil Society
by LEE Chan Keun [Feb.00]

Di.100 - Asia and U.S. Foreign and National Security Policy
by Doug Bereuter [Feb.00]

Di.99 - Why Reform of the WTO is the Wrong Agenda
by Walden Bello [Jan.00]

Di.98 - * Globalization from a Buddhist Perspective
by Pracha Hutanuwatr [Jan.00]

Di.97 - The Road from Seattle
by Jeremy Brecher, with Tim Costello and Brendan Smith [Dec.99]

Di.96 - 10 Reasons to Dismantle the WTO
by Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman [Nov.99]

Di.95 - * Asian Economic Justice Beyond 2000
by Marissa de Guzman and Walden Bello [Nov.99]

Di.94 - Ten reasons why biotechnology will not ensure food security, protect the environment and reduce poverty in the developing world
by Miguel A. Altieri and Peter Rosset [Nov.99]

Di.93 - The Purse Strings as the Noose: Indian NGOs Face New Challenges [Nov.99]

Di.92 - Corporate Hospitality at the WTO
by Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman [Oct.99]

Di.91 - * Debt Burden, Tights to Live and Liberation Millennium: An Ethical Review
by Josef P. Widyatmadja [Oct.99]



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